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The Shakers were extremely practical and became very well known for their

innovative labor-saving inventions by concentrating on form and function.

Their best known invention, patented in 1878, was the broom press

- turning the previously round broom into a flat broom.

Shaker tradition has become a hallmark of excellence around

the world.  Richard Moore carries on that legacy with his

Shaker style brooms.

All brooms follow the practice of simplicity, with durability

reflected in their construction.  Natural hemp twine binds

the straw, while the hardwood handles combine nature's

beauty with function to create a product that is as old

as our country's founding.

These brooms last an average of 3 to 5 years of rough work, but with some

care, our customers have reported 10 years or more of faithful service.

Age is a mark of quality.