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How to Choose A Broom - Round or Flat?

The Shakers brought the round broom design along with them from Europe in the late 18th century

and until the invention of the broom press in 1878, round brooms were the broom of choice.

However today, round brooms are unfamiliar to most folks.

Our customers find the round broom to be a superior sweeping broom because of the rounded

bottom -- making them excellent for all uneven surfaces in the home.  For instance, nooks and

crannies in hardwood floors, grout between tiles, slate entryways, deck boards, brick patios and

they're terrific for cobwebs on your ceilings!  They also get around chair and table legs easily.

We recommend the traditional flat broom for large, smooth surfaces such as garages, carports,

driveways, sidewalks and for very large open rooms in your home.  The child's broom may also be

handy inside a recreational vehicle.

We offer 2 ways to shop for a broom.  You can either use the quick, best-seller broom page or you

can browse the 4 category pages -- Wood Spirits, Natural Wood, Hearth and Child sizes.

All broom prices include shipping to the 48 contiguous states -- Alaska, Hawaii and all off-shore U.S.

territories and possessions are extra unfortunately.

And remember, don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions.  We're here to help you.